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About Heather Brin’s Website

Heather Brin, AIAÂ is a Long Island architect , LEEDS certified for sustainable building practices. Ms. Brin’s projects include commercial and residential renovation and new builds. Her site communicates her expertise through elegance.

The Review

“Kathy Stroud, of Daybreak design, is the only design professional that I trust to do anything graphically for my architectural practice.

When she designed the website for my architectural firm, Heather Brin, Architect, PC, her first draft was spot on as to the image I was looking for.  Then, when I called her to ask her to design my new company website, Aging in Place Architect, she astounded me with a graphic brochure that far exceeded anything that I hoped for.
Kathy, thanks for your amazing design abilities, your professionalism, and your easy going personality that has made working with you over the years a pleasure.”
Heather Brin, AIA
Aging in Place Architectire

About the Aging in Place Website

Heather Brin, AIA is an accomplished architect with a supplemental skillset for modifying homes for seniors and individuals with disabilities. The website needed to clearly communicate the work she does and the benefits of aging inlace in one’s home.

The Review

Kathy Stroud of Daybreak Designs has designed my company website, and she did such a phenomenal job, I had her design my second website. She charges what I believe is below market prices, and has a phenomenal design aesthetic to boot!

Heather Brin, AIA

About the Marian Care Website

Marian Care, Inc. clients are seniors and their families looking for compassionate, dependable and capable home healthcare. The previous website was outdated and the agancy needed an updated mobile-friendly website to communicaate its outstanding services and customer experience. A clean, straight forward solution carries thenmessage.

The Review

“Kathy from Daybreak Design was exactly what we needed! Our website was outdated and not running correctly for use on today’s cellphones so I contacted Daybreak.  She automatically knew what to do and how to help!  She had so many great ideas to organize the website and help us describe our company to our demographic…seniors and their families.  She made it user friendly and very easy to understand and filled it with great information. She was always available to answer questions and offer ideas. She completed the job timely and even updates it with testimonials as needed.

Her thoughtfulness and kindness was a plus!  It was wonderful to work with her and I look forward to continuing to tap her knowledge and expertise in the years ahead!”
Jennifer Mueller
Marian Care, Inc.

About Kenneth Wishnia’s Website

Kenneth Wishnia is a prolific writer of mystery and historical novels, short stories and an anthologies of other author’s stories. His website is for fans and includes video clips in English and Spanish. Ken is also occasionally performing stand up comedy and posts those events on his site.

The Review

“When my old web site inexplicably disappeared from the server a few months ago, Kathy Stroud stepped in to save the day, designing an eye-catching web site that really draws the viewer into my world. My crime novels and stories range from award-winning historical fiction to hardboiled crime fiction, and Daybreak Design handled the diverse genres with care and expertise, including working with Spanish language text for Lago de sangre, the newly published translation of my novel, Blood Lake. But don’t just take my word for it: My publisher, PM Press, which clearly has a major stake in getting my work seen, says, “Great new site Ken, fantastic.” The publicist working to promote Lago de sangre says, “I want to congratulate you and your web designer for the excellent job on your site. As the first web-link in the press release, it is the perfect eye-opener for your work!” And one of my favorite librarians even weighed in, saying the site is “Nice. Easy and clear to navigate.”

Kenneth Wishnia, ,author of 23 Shades of Black, The Fifth Servant and more

About the ESCO Website

ESCO Medical has been mnufacturing precision parts for the medical forceps industry for more than three decades.  They’ve expanded their market now by manufacturing a wide range of precion parts for numerous industries.

The Review

“Kathy Stroud crafted a website that meets our expanding production for new customers across many disciplines. Our longstanding customers will recognize our colors and can still use our escomedical.com url.  We’re very happy with the results.”

Matthew Broderick
ESCO Precision Parts

About the Mohawk Valley Estate Sales Website

Jeffrey Jones is an estate sale genius who removes all the stress of organizing, promoting, executing and clean-up from his clients sales. If items don’t sell, he moves them to Facebook and rBay. Jeff wanted out-of-ares families dealing with the contants loved one’s home, that he can manage the rntire project.

The Review

“I’ve been working with Daybreak Design for over a year and their service is outstanding. The professionalism in helping me design a website to fit my business needs as an Estate Liquidator has increased my customer base by 40%. I highly recommend them as your website designer and caretaker.”

Jeffret Jones, Owner
Mohawk Valley Estate Sales


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